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Several Master Thesis Internship positions have been recently opened at the University of Luxembourg. The topics are Mobile Cloud Computing and Wearables (MCCW) and Mobile CrowdSensing (MCS). In the first project, the candidates will develop a new mobile cloud application and perform measurements of battery drain on popular wearable devices, including Google Glasses, smart watches and smart rings. In the second, the candidate will contribute to the development of efficient mobile crowdsensing architectures, which are foreseen to become one of the most important technologies contributing to healthcare, monitoring, logistic and organization in future smart cities.

More information can be found in the following documents: MCCW and MCS. People interested in is cordially invited to contact Dzmitry Kliazovich at

People from Politecnico of Torino can find the aforementioned thesis from the Portale della Didattica: MCCW and MCS.

This section is only written in english. All material can be consulted, downloaded freely and distributed referring to the author a part from the Formulary of Stochastic Processes and the notes of Advances in Network Modeling.

Advances in Network modeling
The complete notes on the course can be downloaded at the price of 4.50 €. To obtain it, follow the procedure:
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Stochastic Processes
For this course, the formulary can not be downloaded freely, but at price of 4.50 €. To obtain it, follow the procedure:
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Switch and router architectures
Update at 13/02/2012
P2P and multimedia applications over the internet
For this course, just notes on the two first parts has been taken.
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Network modeling
For this course, the formulary has been realized in team with Elisa Pievanelli.
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Mobile and sensor networks
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Network management and QoS provisioning
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Database management system
All notes follow the same order than official slides of the course. At first are published notes on the initial part of the course, database management system, while in the second part notes on data warehouse and data mining are present. Notes on data warehouse and data mining.
Update at 17/12/2010

Operating systems
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